About us

Naturayo is a company from the state of Ceara in Brazil, commited to the development and comercialization of ornamental plants and flowers. The company begun 5 years ago and today is present in the national and international market.

The production of around 8 hectares is located in Paracuru, a beach area in the state of Ceara, where the land and climate are perfect for the cultivated species.


We are  the only company in the northeast of Brazil that is a partner and supplier to the Veiling in Holambra, located in the state of Sao Paulo. Today the Veiling Holambra is the largest plant and flower cooperative in Brazil, and is responsible for more than 40% of the market movement, which enables reaching the major supermarket chains, flower shops, distributers, landscape artists, among others.

Our plants bring you a little bit closer to nature, livens your space and brings more green into it. In addition to Purifying your air, it is very low maintenance and resistant to different environments which guarantees a longer life and the beauty that you deserve.